This article is about the soccer club, for the basketball team, see Dawson Eagles. For the futsal club, see Dawson Tide F.C.
North Dawson AC
North Dawson AC crest
Full name North Dawson Athletic Club
Nickname(s) The Eagles
Founded 1889
Stadium Peterson Stadium
(Capacity: 32,000)
Owner North Dawson Athletics
Chairman Flag of Duwamish Swen Kuhn
Manager Flag of Quinault Seigi Sakaguchi
League(s) Duwamish Soccer League
Devine Development League
Website ndac.dwh
Soccerball current event.svg Current season

North Dawson Athletic Club is a Duwamishite sports club based in Dawson best known for its soccer club, which currently plays in the Duwamish Soccer League and Devine Development League. In addition to soccer, the sports club has a professional basketball team that participates in the Duwamish Basketball Association and a professional futsal club that participates in the DFF Premier League and International Futsal League. Founded in 1889, the sports club has been headquartered at Peterson Stadium since 1989, two years after their former home, North Dawson Ground, was set on fire under mysterious circumstances.


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First-team squadEdit

As of 31 March 2010.
No. Position Player
1 Flag of Atia GK Long Tsui Vice-captain sports
2 Flag of Duwamish DF Robert Reinhard
3 Flag of Duwamish DF Alex Hawkins
4 Flag of Quinault DF Taichi Kamitani
5 Flag of Quinault DF Shimon Yamaguchi
6 Flag of Duwamish MF Marcel Eisenhauer
7 Flag of Duwamish MF Freddie Alexander
8 Flag of Quinault MF Mayuhiko Takahasi
9 Flag of Duwamish MF Joe Bryant
10 Flag of Quinault FW Ukita Fujihara
11 Flag of Duwamish FW Nazih Azim Asghar Captain sports
12 Flag of Quinault GK Yoshinobu Asada
13 Flag of Atia DF Jun Tsou
14 Flag of Duwamish DF Max Wirtz
No. Position Player
15 Flag of Duwamish DF Gabriel Short
16 Flag of Quinault DF Arihiro Akiyama
17 Flag of Atia MF Tain Teng
18 Flag of Atia MF Hsin Hsia
19 Flag of Duwamish MF Aladdin Irfan Sayegh
20 Flag of Quinault MF Yuuki Kishita
21 Flag of Atia FW Peng Tao
22 Flag of Duwamish FW Elias Jehkinen
23 Flag of Duwamish GK Joey Martin
24 Flag of Duwamish GK Dương Thất Thạnh
25 Flag of Duwamish DF Oskar Andersson
26 Flag of Duwamish MF Miloslav Houska
27 Flag of Duwamish FW Majid al Din Azab Tannous
28 Flag of Duwamish FW Jarkko Taipale

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