Kalama United FC
Kalama United FC crest
Full name Kalama United Football Club
Founded 1858
Stadium Gangnam Stadium
(Capacity: 80,000)
Owner Choi family
Chairman Flag of Duwamish Mark Choi
Manager Flag of Duwamish Shuuji Mizuno
League(s) Duwamish Soccer League
Devine Development League
Website kalamaunited.dwh
Soccerball current event.svg Current season

Kalama United Football Club is a Duwamishite professional soccer club, based in Kalama, that plays in the Duwamish Soccer League, and beginning in 2011, the Devine Development League. Founded in 1858, the club originally played at Old Busby from 1858 until 2006, when they moved to Kalama Stadium, later renamed Gangnam Stadium in 2011.


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First-team squadEdit

As of 30 March 2011
No. Position Player
1 Flag of Duwamish GK Emidio Moretti Vice-captain sports
2 Flag of Quinault DF Soumei Ishiyama
3 Flag of Duwamish DF Spencer Noble
4 Flag of Atia DF Feng Hsueh
5 Flag of Duwamish DF Matthew Stone
6 Flag of Quinault MF Noboru Aoyagi
7 Flag of Atia MF Hsin Mao
8 Flag of Quinault MF Kaito Kanada
9 Flag of Duwamish FW Donat Pawłowski
10 Flag of Atia FW Feng Jen Captain sports
11 Flag of Quinault FW Kaihei Higuchi
12 Flag of Atia GK Hu Kung
13 Flag of Duwamish DF John Parkinson
14 Flag of Quinault DF Tadahiro Sanwa
No. Position Player
15 Flag of Duwamish DF Spencer Walton
16 Flag of Duwamish DF Morgan Herbert
17 Flag of Atia MF Yi Liang
18 Flag of Quinault MF Takuyou Kuwabara
19 Flag of Duwamish MF Sverre Bassa
20 Flag of Atia FW Guang Wei
21 Flag of Quinault FW Masahide Tada
22 Flag of Duwamish FW Muhammad Jenkins
23 Flag of Quinault GK Katsunori Yoshida
24 Flag of Duwamish DF Arjan Nørgaard
25 Flag of Quinault MF Natsuhito Tsuchida
26 Flag of Duwamish MF Abdul Alhasan Amari
27 Flag of Atia FW Ming Kuo
28 Flag of Duwamish FW Umayr Mazin Mifsud

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