Since July 2010, Duwamishite membership in unions has been active over three international unions, the Alliance of Independent Nations, Confederacy of Free Regions, and currently, the United Sovereign Nations of the World.



President Bruce Martin and Secretary of State Bruce Englehardt II began the process for membership with the Alliance of Independent Nations (AIN) in May 2010. After a two-month negotiation period, the AIN formally accepted Duwamish with junior membership on 7 July 2010. In mid-August, Duwamish was upgraded to full membership and its representative, Secretary of State Englehardt, was elected AIN Deputy in September 2010.


After the September 2010 elections and overhaul of the government, former AIN President Nate Saathoff led a rebellion and split from the AIN and formed the second incarnation of the Confederacy of Free Regions on 4 October 2010.






Full membershipEdit

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