Duwamish Soccer Federation
Founded 1887
Headquarters Dawson, Mungyeong
AIFF affiliation 2010
USNW affiliation 2011
Althena affiliation 2011
President Donald Chung
Website dwhsoccer.dwh

The Duwamish Soccer Federation (also referred to as the DSF or Duwamish Soccer) is the official governing body of the sport of soccer in Duwamish. Its headquarters are located in Dawson, Munyeong and it was established in 1887. It is a member of the AIFF and is responsible for governing amateur and professional soccer, including the men's national team.


Organizing clubsEdit




Professional leaguesEdit

Main article: Duwamish soccer league system

Affiliated associationsEdit

Adult levelEdit

Youth levelEdit

Leagues and orgainzationsEdit

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