Dawson Ducks FC and Dawson United FC rivalry
Dawson derby, Dawson Cup
Dawson Ducks FC crest Dawson United FC crest
The crests of the Dawson Ducks (left) and Dawson United (right).
City or region Dawson, Duwamish
First contested 14 November 1858; DAD 5–1 DAU
Teams involved Dawson Ducks and Dawson United
Number of meetings 330
Most wins DAD (294–20–16)
Most recent meeting 2 March 2011; DAD 2–0 DAU
All-time series  (DSL only) DAD (260–6–10)
Postseason results DAD (20–5–1)

The Dawson Ducks FC and Dawson United FC rivalry, also known as the Dawson derby, is a soccer rivalry between the Dawson Ducks and Dawson United soccer teams, both located in the national capital of Duwamish, Dawson. The rivalry began on 14 November 1858 when the Dawson Ducks hosted Dawson United in a friendly match and ended in a 5–1 win for the Ducks. The rivalry has grown and expanded into the ill-fated East Sea League, the Duwamish Soccer League, and the Duwamish Cup. The rivalry may grown into the Devine Premier League or Devine Development League in 2012.


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