2010 Atian Cup
Event 2010 A-League
Whidbey won on aggregate
First leg
Date 6 November 2010
Venue Whidbey Stadium, Whidbey
Attendance 50,240
Weather Sunny, 75 °F (24 °C)
Second leg
Date 13 November 2010
Venue Whidbey Stadium, Whidbey
Man of the Match Qiang Liao
Attendance 50,240
Weather Sunny, 73 °F (23 °C)

The 2010 Atian Cup (Atian: 2010年阿茶一杯) was played in two legs between 6 November and 13 November 2010, both at Whidbey Stadium in Whidbey. The match determined the winner of the inaugural season of the A-League and the Atian Cup, which is played between the winner of the Kaimu and the winner of the Bimu. The cup was won by the Whidbey Wanderers, who defeated Atia United 1–0 on aggregate. The first leg was a scoreless draw, while Qiang Liao scored the only goal of the second match in extra time to win the cup.

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